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The Chita is the only grain whisky produced and bottled as such by Suntory. It is a blend of single grains (mainly corn), relatively young, but with strong tasting characteristics that have been aged in different types of casks, and distilled at the Chita distillery located a few kilometers from Nagoya city.

Its rich and complex aromatic profile strongly marked by fruity, woody and spicy notes, is close to that of the American whiskies, known as the famous Bourbons whiskies.

Bottled at 43% of the volume in a bottle with the typical Suntory shape, The Chita is a tribute to the know-how of the grain distillery whose name in traditional Japanese calligraphy is now, like the other distilleries of the group, proudly displayed on the label.

Founded in 1972 in Aichi Prefecture, Chita distillery, located near the village of the same name, covers an area of approximately 50000 m² and is exclusively dedicated to the distillation of grain whisky. Like its two distilleries of malt Yamazaki and Hakushu which are capable of producing several types of single malts, several varieties of single grains are produced there.

The Chita single grain can be enjoyed at room temperature with or without ice to express all its taste palette, or in highball for a refreshing and 100% Japanese tasting experience.